What are the Features to Look for While Purchasing a Baby Monitor?

Once you have decided to purchase a baby monitor for your baby’s surveillance, you also need to know what features to look for while purchasing a baby monitor.

Range: The most important feature for any baby monitor is its range. You need to be clear about how you will be using your baby monitor. This can be judged by the difference between the baby’s location and your room. Usually every baby monitor has a range which can cover your entire house but if you wish to choose a larger range, you need to shed more money out of your pocket. The normal range should at least be 200ft.

Number of Receivers: Another key feature would be the number of receivers you require to monitor your baby. Normal baby monitors come with a single receiver but some are available with multiple receivers too. If you wish to install receivers in multiple rooms so that wherever you are in the house, you are able to hear the baby, you may go for the best baby monitor with multiple receivers. Multiple receivers can also be used one at a time so that you can use one while the other one is kept on charging.

Portability of the baby monitor: Portability of your receiver allows you to keep a watch on the baby even when you are working in the garden. Portable receivers operate on battery and again have a certain range. Nowadays, some smartphone apps have also been introduced which allow users to monitor another camera enabled device. These provide excellent portability as it works on the principle of Wi-Fi network.

Voice Activation Feature: The Voice Activation feature or the VOX allows the user to filter any background noise such that the caretaker is able to listen to just the baby’s sound and nothing else. While the baby sleeps and there is no noise, the caretaker will hear no sound as the baby monitor will become completely silent due to the VOX feature. When the baby starts crying or makes any sound, the VOX feature will allow the monitor to immediately tune in and amplify the cries of the baby so that the caretaker is able to listen to it clearly at the receiving end. This feature is the most crucial feature and availability of this feature in a model can increase its cost too.

Interference: Interference in your home can occur due to two reasons which might degrade the sound quality of your baby monitor. Firstly, if the distance between the transmitter and the receiver is too much or if you have too many obstacles between the two, Secondly if you are using other radio frequency devices in or around your house which might interfere with the frequency of your baby monitor’s radio system such as cordless phones, other baby monitors etc. Make sure you choose good quality and branded baby monitors which are free from any interference caused due to both these factors. Obviously range will be limited as per your choice but branded baby monitors won’t allow any interference due to usage of other radio frequency devices or number of obstacles (number of walls or furniture)between the transmitter and the receiver of your baby monitor.

Benefits of Noise Cancelling Headphones

As the name suggest, noise cancelling headphones are headphones which will let you enjoy only music and nothing else. With the use of noise control engineering and digital signal processing, these headphones block all the ambient and unwanted sounds such that you enjoy only the sound being played by the audio device connected to your noise cancelling headphones and nothing else. It has been made possible without excessively increasing the volume from your device.

Noise cancelling headphones are available in three styles namely Supra-aural, Circumaural and In-ear headphones. Supra-aural headphones are open air headphones with soft padded ear cups which easily fit over your ear and can be adjusted gently as per your comfort level. The Circumaural headphones are closed ear headphones which firmly fit over your ears like an airtight seal and do not allow any external sound to come in or any internal sound to leak out. In-ear headphones again are of two types- Canal and ear bud headphones. Canal headphones place themselves into the canal of your ear forming an air-tight seal and hence perform the same function as done by Circumaural headphones. Ear bud headphones on the other hand are worn like ear buds at the opening of the ears. The sound quality is much better with canal type headphones and thus they are preferred by most musicians and performers. However, you can choose the appropriate pair of headphone as per your requirements and your budget.

You can carry your pair of noise cancelling headphones while traveling in an airplane, trains or any noisy environment where you want to enjoy listening to your music. You can also carry them in your office where you want to work while listening to your favorite music and not want to be disturbed by your colleague’s gossips.

The headphones market has been expanding lately due to entry of Smartphone’s, iPods, iphones and many new electronic gadgets. The requirement for high quality music devices has always existed but has been increasing with the introduction of these new gadgets.

Before buying noise cancelling headphones, it is advisable to try them and toggle their noise cancelling system. Carry your Smartphone, mp3 device or iPod loaded with your favorite songs to the store from where you wish to purchase these headphones. Ask the store guy for a trial of an open product. Play your favorite song and move to a place with some noise. Check if you are able to hear the surrounding noise or not. After this, stop the music and try to listen to any ambient noise while the headphones are still on. Check for the comfort level whether they easily adjust over your ears or not? Will you be able to wear them for longer durations or they seem to be uncomfortable? Ask the store guy for any other adjustments you can make with the selected pair.

No doubt, these headphones are expensive their normal counterparts and you will have to shed a lot more from your pocket than you usually would have buying a normal headphone, but the money you are going to spend will be worth it. These noise cancelling headphones will give you an ultimate experience of the music you will listen to and will provide the best possible noise cancelling effect so that you enjoy just the music and nothing else no matter how much noisy the surroundings are.

Buying the Right Stroller for Your Kids

Buying a stroller can be as challenging as buying a car because it is going to be the first vehicle of your baby. As the baby is not mature enough to choose the one he likes most, you will have to be decisive on behalf of your baby and buy the best stroller available in the market for your little one. We will guide you with certain features which you must look for while selecting the appropriate stroller for your baby.

The first thing you need to do is to choose between a three wheeled and a four wheeled stroller. If you wish go for more strength and stability, a four wheeled stroller will suit you. If you wish to carry additional stuff in your stroller or you are buying a double stroller, a four wheeled stroller is strongly recommended, whereas, if you are looking for strollers which can offer more maneuverability, you can go with three wheeled strollers. You can always ask for a trial at the showroom and give a few whirls around the store. This will enable you to check both its strength and maneuverability.

The next thing which you need to look for is its ability to fold and open. The best double stroller can be opened and folded at an instance with the help of one hand and one foot. Check to see if that happens in your model. This is an important feature as you can open and fold the stroller with one hand while you hold the baby with the other hand.

Another feature which you will look for is the holding bar. You will generally encounter two types of holding bars in the stroller. Either you will find strollers with full length bars or you will find strollers with two handles. We suggest you to go for full length bars as it provides the maximum strength and stability while steering. Also it is much easier to steer with a full length bar as compared to two handles however you can try and go for strollers with strong and adjustable handles too.

The most important feature which you need to check is the functioning of the brakes and suspension. Just like any other vehicle, the brakes and the suspension of the stroller need to be checked and verified to ensure a safe and smoother ride for your baby. High quality suspension will enable a smooth ride while a durable brake system will ensure the halting of the stroller. You can check these features out as you take a test drive of your stroller within the store.

Other features which you might look for and would generally find some of them are Adjustable backrest, footrest, padding, a bumper bar, parent tray, child tray, an adjustable canopy etc. These features may or may not be available in some models of your stroller but the availability of these features entirely depends upon the choice of the model you make. You would also have set a certain budget for your stroller and depending upon the amount which you can spend, you may go for some strollers which do not have certain undesired features. At the end, ensuring a snug journey for your baby is the responsibility of every parent.

How to Choose a Convertible Car Seat?

Choosing a convertible car seat requires a bit of research work as you will have many options in the market but you need to buy the best one. Also there are multiple factors which need to be kept in mind while purchasing the best convertible car seat for your special one. As the name suggests, convertible car seats let you switch them from a rear-facing to forward-facing and vice versa. The same convertible car seat can be used for infants as well as toddlers as convertible car seats are designed in a way so that it can accommodate children of various age and sizes up to a certain age and size.

Convertible car seats have a limitation of both weight and height. Various convertible car seats allow different rear-facing weight limits for toddlers. However it is advisable to keep babies and young toddlers facing the rear as long as possible which ultimately means you need to go for that convertible car seat which provides you maximum weight limit. Same applies for forward-facing weight limits too.

Convertible car seats also have height limits for forward and rear facing. Although they have a harness slots for adjustment of the baby in the seat, the height of the harness slot should also be considered while purchasing your convertible car seat. The higher the slot is placed on the seat, the longer is the usage life of your convertible car seat. Generally, each and every dimension of the necessary feature is mentioned on the convertible car seat’s manual. It is advisable to read the manual carefully and compare the products offered by various manufacturers. You can also read various reviews, filter your requirements and compare several convertible car seat models available online.
However, if you are looking for convertible car seats which can be used initially for newborns and for babies and toddlers later, then you have to be a little more careful while choosing the appropriate convertible car seat for this purpose. Some convertible car seats offer very low-placed harness slots which can be used for newborns too. Some manufacturers might offer extra padding, head support etc which can be placed around the newborn in order to adjust the baby in his convertible car seat.

You will find numerous models and varieties of convertible car seats in the market but you have to choose the best and a long lasting one. Another factor which you need to keep in mind while you choose your convertible car seat is that it unless it fits in your car properly, it won’t be considered safe for your child. Make sure the dimensions of the seat are chosen in a way that it should fit in your vehicle appropriately. The angle of the convertible car seat should align with that of your vehicle seat. If possible, ask for a trial by placing the convertible car seat in your vehicle. Try both the rear and the forward facing modes. If you are not allowed to try it, make sure you buy it with a good return or replacement policy.